At A2 level students have a good comprehension of set sentences and common everyday expressions connected to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. basic personal and family details, shopping, professional and leisure activities).

They can communicate in simple and routine situations where a simple and direct exchange of information based on familiar and routine matters is required. Students will begin to function in basic social situations in which they will be able to use simple and basic common polite forms of greeting and address, greeting people and asking how they are and reacting to their news. They will have the tools to deal with situations of relatively basic and short social interaction such as asking and responding to questions about their professional and leisure activities, in addition to making plans, making and accepting offers and accepting and refusing invitations. They will also be able to manage basic interaction in situations in shops, post offices, banks and similar services, requesting information, booking tickets and following instructions. Finally, students will be able to give and follow simple directions.


• Comprehend standard everyday greetings
• Comprehend slow standard speech (personal information, jobs, hobbies)
• Comprehend main points in clear, simple messages and announcements
• Identify main, predictable points in TV news and broadcasts
• Understand basic questions used in shops and services
• Understand simple instructions and directions
• Comprehend simple, short texts and instructions with everyday lexis or international expressions
• Comprehend basic descriptions (brochure, leaflet)
• Comprehend specific details in a basic letter or e-mail
• Comprehend information on menus and timetables
• Find general information on leaflets, brochures or in simple advertisements
• Comprehend simple and short newspaper articles based on familiar topics
• Interact in social situations requiring simple and direct exchange of information
• Use everyday greetings
• Introduce themselves or others
• Ask and respond to questions about everyday life and news
• Make and respond to invitations and offers, plans of action and arrangements
• Make everyday transactions in shops, banks and offices
• Request and give directions and basic instructions
• Narrate a simple story and describe personal experience
• Write short and simple sentences with the help of a dictionary
• Write short and simple e mails or postcards
• Complete simple forms providing personal details (hotel check in, register on a course)


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