Level B1 represents a definite Intermediate level where students will have the ability to maintain constant interaction and transmit their ideas clearly in a variety of areas, whilst also being able to follow the main points of a more elaborate or complex discussion around them.

This is based on the assumption that the interlocutor expresses himself in a clear and standard manner. Much as there will be only minor hindrance at times in comprehensive expression, the student may invariably need to pause so as to take repair or grammatical or lexical planning into account. This will certainly apply to longer and more complex tasks of output production. The student will be in a position to express himself with clarity and in a coherent and connected fashion in situations which are less routine yet retain personal interest (specific incidents whilst travelling or dealing with intermediaries for a service). Additionally, students will be able to handle contexts where they will have to engage in conversations on a more unprepared and autonomous basis on familiar topics, such as situations at work, at home, at school or during their leisure time. Students will be in a position to describe hopes and dreams for the future, express wishes for the present and for the future, describe personal experience or events and begin to speak more autonomously about personal perspectives and intentions. It will also be possible for students to narrate a story in the past or outline the plot of a film or a book, whilst conveying their own reactions.


• Comprehend main points about familiar situations (study, work, home, leisure activities)
• Comprehend general details in broadcast or recorded material about everyday situations
• Comprehend basic and simple presentation on familiar topics (shopping, hobbies)
• Comprehend short and simple messages and announcements.
• Comprehend main facts in letters, e mails, letters, brochures, magazines and articles
• Comprehend main details in basic information sources (online web page, short official texts)
• Skim and scan material on timetables and leaflets for certain information
• Make predictions about what will happen next in a text or deduce meaning from titles
• Comprehend supporting details for main ideas in a text
• Paraphrase the main points in a text.
• Communicate in basic social situations
• Initiate, maintain and close a conversation
• Express and respond to basic suggestions, advice, opinions and feelings
• Deal with invitations and refusals
• Ask for other speaker’s opinion
• Check and confirm other speaker’s understanding
• Express agreement and disagreement
• Give and follow instructions and directions
• Deal with everyday bookings, orders and appointments
• Deliver a short,basic presentation and deal with question
• Interrupt a conversation
• Change topics during a conversation
• Narrate a story.
• Write basic formal and informal letters and emails (thanking,apologising, accepting, refusing, giving and requesting information)
• Write short,factual descriptions
• Write stories
• Write basic yet structured argumentative essays and articles.


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