At B2 level students move on to explaining,justifying and sustaining opinions and perspectives.

For instance, they will be able to elaborate their standpoints on a given issue, defending a structured and supported opinion, developing a balanced for and against discourse or identifying an issue, providing suggestions for improvement and discussing hypothetical outcomes. Hence, they will be in a position to participate in both formal and informal discussions based on topics that are familiar to them in a wide range of areas. They will be able to fully interact in social situations when the spoken language is standard. There will be no difficulty in initiating, maintaining and ending a conversation appropriately with relative fluency and autonomy, even when engaging in conversation with native speakers. Students will enjoy having the possibility to comprehend the main ideas of more complex texts based on both concrete and abstract themes related to their centres of interest. In addition, students will have a greater control over their language and will be able to identify and correct many of their own mistakes when speaking and writing.


• Comprehend information about familiar situations (study,work, home, leisure activities)
• Comprehend general and specific details in broadcast or recorded material
• Comprehend basic technical information in an instructions manual
• Make predictions based on what has been heard
• Listen for general gist or detail
• Deduce meaning of unknown words through contextualisation
• Listen and take down notes.
• Comprehend main facts in letters, e mails, letters, brochures, magazines and articles
• Skim and scan material for certain information
• Comprehend basic technical information in an instructions manual
• Read adapted novels
• Make predictions about what will happen next in a text
• Comprehend more abstract descriptions of hopes, dreams, wishes and emotion.
• Communicate in social situations
• Initiate, maintain and close a conversation
• Express and respond to suggestions, advice and opinions
• Offer developed and structured personal perspectives
• Express personal reactions to trips, books and films
• Ask for other speaker’s opinion
• Check and confirm other speaker’s understanding
• Express agreement and disagreement
• Give clear instructions
• Link ideas in correct sequence
• Deal with everyday telephone calls
• Deliver a clear, structured presentation and deal with questions
• Interrupt a conversation
• Change topics during a conversation
• Narrate a story.
• Write formal and informal letters and emails
• Review a film, book or restaurant
• Write opinion essays and articles
• Write stories
• Write short reports of suggestion
• Proofread and edit texts.


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