At C1 level, students will be able to make effective use of a highly extensive lexical range which enables spontaneous and autonomous fluent communication at an advanced level.

The smooth and fluent flow of communication might only be hindered at times, when dealing with a particularly unknown or unfamiliar topic. In such cases, students should still be able to use circumlocution as they will have developed the necessary skills which enable them to gain time whilst thinking about the details that they would like to convey. Generally speaking, students will know how to manage clear and cohesive productive output that is connected in a logical and fluent manner showing full control over their speech. C1 students will be able to face the challenges of dealing with longer and more complex tasks and still be aware of inference or implicit meaning. They will fully comprehend the difference between formal and informal contexts and will be able to adapt their skills for academic, professional and social purposes, making use of appropriate organisational patterns, linkers and cohesive devices.


• Fully comprehend specific points about familiar situations (study, work, home, leisure activities)
• Fully comprehend specific details in broadcast or recorded material about everyday, academic and professional situations
• Fully comprehend details in lectures, talks and discussions, even those outside their centres of interest
• Follow films and broadcasts with ease
• Comprehend native speaker accents at native speaker speed
• Comprehend implied and inferred meaning
• Comprehend discourse including idioms and colloquialisms.
• Fully comprehend factual, academic and professional material (letters, e mails, letters, brochures, magazines and articles)
• Fully appreciate main details in official information sources (online web page, official texts)
• Skim and scan material for specific information
• Fully comprehend sub themes and supporting details in a text
• Paraphrase and synthesise the main points in a text
• Fully appreciate differences in tone and register.
• Communicate in all social, academic and professional situations with fluency
• Express detailed, supported opinion and respond to suggestions, advice and feelings
• Convey shades of opinion
• Deal with persuasive and tentative concessions
• Contribute to ongoing discussions even those outside centres of interest
• Deliver a lengthy, structured presentation and deal with questions
• Describe complex topics even those outside centres of interest
• Respond to counter arguments and hypothesise
• Develop ordered arguments and integrate sub themes
• Incorporate a wide range of collocations and colloquialism
• Eliminate false friends whilst speaking
• Provide convincing conclusions.
• Write formal and informal letters and e mails with a full appreciation of tone and register
• Write detailed and factual descriptions, reports and proposals, articles and essays
• Convey shades of opinion and hypothesise
• Convey varying degrees of probability, certainty and doubt
• Write reviews of films, books, places and services
• Fully synthesise, paraphrase and evaluate information
• Eliminate false friends whilst writing
• Make full use of proof reading and editing skills.


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